Maryland Internet Marketing Company Discusses New Google Ranking Factors - Internet

Google is always trying to refine its search results to give the best user experience it can to its millions of searchers.Every couple of years Google makes a shift in its algorithm and adds new key metrics to order organic search results.

Back in the 90s Google relied on the keywords that could be found on each web page for ranking. Later, in 2005 Google began ranking pages using not only the keywords on the page, but the domain name and anchor text, and the diversity of the links.

In 2010 and 2011, Google has begun to make new changes to their ranking algorithm again. There are now more than 190 factors in Googles algorithm, and it keeps increasing. These include:

Google wants to give the best results for each type of query. So rather than show interesting sites for researching, Googles instant search helps people refine their search query so that only sites selling retail products appear when someone is looking for a brand name product. Google wants to show the sites that are most likely to fulfill the searchers intent, and that means that Googles algorithm is most likely going to become more personalized.

In addition, the following factors may begin to weigh into Googles ranking in the near future, based on changes to the Google main page, and hints from their blogs.

As Google gathers more and more information in its extensive databases, it will be able to continually adapt its search algorithms to show more and more personalized and relevant search results. Maryland Internet marketing becomes more and more about quality content and using the Internet to network that content in as many places as possible.

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