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Google Plus 1 or Google +1 was officially released today Thursday 2nd June 2011.What is Google +1 you may ask?Google +1 is a way for web users to give a vote of confidence for a website or webpage. The +1 is a bit like a Facebook Like. In order to get Google +1 functionality you need a Google account, such as a Gmail or Blogger account. With Google +1 you will be able to see your own +1's and also the +1's of your friends who also use Google +1. Your friends will be able to see your own +1's too.At the moment you can only see the +1's of your friends you have registered in your Google account. You will not see any +1 button in Google SERPS if you are not logged into your Google account. The interesting thing here is that Google is starting to collect feedback from website users. This began with the rate and review feature in Google Places where people could give feedback on a business. This was useful for other web users who got to see write ups from other customers, and also useful to Google since they started to collect customer satisfaction data to use in their rankings. Websites with more stars got listed higher in Google search results for relevant keywords.Google +1 & SEOGoogle +1 is expected to get websites a higher click through rating in Google search since the +1's will be viewable from the Google search results pages. At the moment you will only see the +1's if you have a Google account and will only be able to see the +1's of your friends. If you notice your friends have liked a certain website then it is going to make you more interested in it.Google +1 & SerpsAt the moment Google has made no indication that websites with more +1's will rank higher in Google Search. However, it is certain that Google is now collecting this data and it is likely that this data will have an effect on Google search results in the future.A good way to get the Google +1 listing in SERPS is to go ahead and start putting the Google +1 code on your webp ages. The sidebar is a good place, but equally its good to have the +1 button at the footer of each blog post you make on your website. The advantage of that is that it is immediately visible by anyone who has just read a specific article on your site. Remember many readers come in directly to your article and may bypass the front page of your website completely.

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