What is SEO and How Can I Benefit from it? - Search Engines - SE Optimization

Some people might wonder what are the main difference between websites that some are on the top of the search results rankings, while others are buried on the bottom of the list. The reason for that is this very powerful web marketing technique called SEO. SEO or search engine optimization are the combined processes and tools that are used to improve the search results rankings of a website or a web page in search engines. These are small tweaks and improvements done to your website that when viewed individually might seem like very minute increases, but when combined with other tools and techniques could have a huge impact on the user experience of your site's visitors and rankings in the search results. This increase in rankings therefore leads internet traffic from search engines to your website.

People click on the web pages that are atop the rankings as they perceive those to be more relevant and related to what they are looking for. SEO aims to improve the user experience of your website's visitors since they are the primary consumers of the contents, and they are the ones using the search engines to find your site. The logic is: the higher your website on the top of the list of search engine results, the more likely it is to be visited by users around the world. But that is not the only thing that the SEO expert should be concerned with when trying to increase your website's visibility.

Because of the algorithms that the search engines employ, SEO has been a complicated and time-consuming process. The SEO process deals with the many aspects that work its way through the set of rules the different search engines employ to help improve your website's ranking. It takes into consideration what people look for in the internet, how search engines work, the various key terms that users use to search the search engines, and which search engines are preferred by most people. But still, these are just some of the things that the SEO process deals with. Doing SEO is a gamble. An incorrect SEO strategy could harm your website, and your reputation as well. While on the other hand, a responsible and good SEO approach could help your site reach higher search results ranks.

A well implemented SEO strategy can do magic to your site. It helps you be more specific with the audience that you want to target, making sure that you are found globally by those who look for what your site offers. Beat your competitors and draw that coveted internet traffic into your website. This increase in traffic also means more potential customers visiting your site. SEO when done correctly works wonders. It helps you save time and money for the maximum benefit. Once your website has been optimized properly, its rank in the search results rankings will significantly increase, improving its visibility, making more people from all over the world recognize your website and the products or services that you offer. All these would only mean one thing--a faster and higher increase in your sales and profit. Every company wants that to happen to them.

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How To Stop Your Acne Problems Permanently - Health - Skin Care

Are you still using drugs and creams made from chemicals that simply don't work? Do you know that these chemicals only give temporary results and there are ways to get rid of your acne pimples problems permanently? Discover how you can stop your acne problems permanently in this article...

Are you still using drugs and creams made from chemicals that simply don't work? Do you know that these chemicals only give temporary results and there are ways to get rid of your acne pimples problems permanently? Knowing the cause of a problem is a problem half-solved. Acne skin condition is caused by the following: clogging of the hair pores, very oily skin, bacteria, hormonal imbalances, build up of toxins in the body and more.

Acne pimples keep coming back, even after several acne treatments, because creams and lotions only mask the symptoms and not the main cause of the problem. What you need is an acne remedy that would attack both the root cause and the symptoms of acne.

To solve your acne problem, here are a few tested natural acne remedies:

* Chose the correct make-up: do not use oil-based makeup* Drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses daily), so as to flush out the toxins from your body system* Do not squeeze a pimple: because the bacteria released spreads all over the face causing more breakouts leading to permanent scarring. But if you must do it, use a sterilized needle and apply an antibiotic cream when you finish* Choose the right diet: more fruits, vegetables and lots of water are usually advised by dermatologists. Remember, drinking lots water flushes out the toxins in your body system!

These steps can be very useful, but following a natural program will eliminate the underlying cause of your skin problem.

Did you know the best way to totally erase acne pimples from your skin is by using a double combination acne treatment like AcneZine? Using a double combination acne treatment combats the acne problem both on the surface of the skin and inside the body is an excellent acne remedy that is guaranteed to totally wipe off acne from your skin.

Another excellent way to get rid of acne from your skin completely is by using a holistic acne skin care plan like that of the Acne No More system. Click here to discover the fastest and easiest way to remove acne skin condition using either AcneZine System or Acne No More System.

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2012: Foretelling Natural Disaster Or Wonder Of Nature? - Self Help - Advice

Survival kit for these intense times leading up to 2012

I know I'm not alone in experiencing the tremendous shifts of energy occurring on our planet at this time. Can you feel it, too? Have you noticed or experienced some of the signs, such as:

Good-bye Familiarity...Hello Unpredictability

When life so familiar becomes increasingly unpredictable, the need for broader understanding increases.

We need to be able to wrap our minds around why all this is happening and what we can actually do about it. There is nothing more stressful than being stuck in the middle of an overwhelming situation with little or no idea how to navigate your mind through it - or grasp what is even happening.

My aim for writing this is to provide you with some insights and understanding of what is happening on a global level and how you can be prepared and conscious of challenges as they occur. Many people have already lost their jobs and houses along with their peace of mind, because they didn't understand what was happening in their lives and had nowhere to turn for answers.

I'd like to give you a shout out if you're reading this. Well done for being here and going through this experience and learning how to manage yourself - you will avoid many pitfalls.

So, what can you know to be ever-ready and maintain a smile amidst the apparent chaos? Are you ready?

2012: The Prophecy of Dis-Integration

Regardless of how accurate all the different details about the 2012 prophecies are, it's fair to say we have begun to see many tremendous shifts in the world. Many of the effects prophesized about are happening right now all around us and will keep on happening, too. From climate changes to collapse of old systems and organizations to the massive growing interest in spiritual awakening - things are HAPPENING!

There are endless videos and stories about the 2012 phenomena that go into great depth on this subject, so, I won't even attempt to explain the various view points here. Suffice it to say that we are going through a massive global shift and energies are being primed. And, no matter what your gender, status or location, you cannot avoid it - it does not discriminate. And...for women, it has nothing to do with their period or menopause - it might have similar symptoms, but it is much bigger.

One of the signs mentioned in the 2012 prophecies worth noting is the gaps between intense moments and significant events in the world. The gaps are getting shorter as the need for personal transformation gets greater, while the old ways of being dis-integrate within us and around us.

This is why life can be so stressful, because what was valid and useful yesterday, no longer works today. It's like every rug we ever stood on or try standing on is being pulled out from under us at every step. This is a most unpleasant and unsettling situation to be in as any - and it requires a powerful ability to separate from the sensations of it and move on - fast. How many people came pre-wired with that skill?

The old patterns that seemed to be working fine for many centuries are being exposed for the dysfunctional and rudimentary things they are. And, everything that is old and out of alignment with the NEW is loosening its hold over us and our world. Put simply...if what you are doing and thinking is based on an antiquated belief, it doesn't work any more and the results will be fleeting or opposite to desired.

Human Nature Overhaul

There is a major and forceful upgrade in human nature going on; a call for new true levels of being human and letting go of all that no longer serves us. Look how many companies, relationships and lifestyles have ceased to be in order to make room for a new highness of being that is growing within us.

That is why very few things in our lives are certain any more and we often feel insecure, confused and freaked-out about our associations within and around us - and understandably so. This point in time we are living in is intense for us all - we are all being called to change. And...if we don't we will be forced to, no matter how hard we try to cling to the past. As much as we can put on a brave face and pretend all is well, it will keep happening and we will be affected.

This time in history is like none other, and things which would never have been even dreamed of are occurring on a regular basis. As our lives and the world become increasingly intense and profound there is only one thing I am 100% certain about: it will all work out for the best.

Life is extremely benevolent and is supporting us in our personal ascension. The times of extremes have begun and we are all going though it together; we are all being called to make quantum shifts in our lives.

So, as you find little and big things bothering you and as you see relationships seemingly break up, the economy seemingly fall apart, the ensuing emotional outbreaks and whatever else presents itself before you - know one thing.

YOU are safe. You are an eternal spiritual being, and you will come through the other end feeling lighter in spirit and fully in your power.

What the Signs Mean

All of our troubles and vexation are indicators that are here to help us let go of that which no longer serve us and return us to our inherent being state of innocence. In fact, many catastrophic events have been predicted in various myths, prophecies and scriptures - the doomsday and Armageddon stories have been around for eons.

So, to find ourselves in the midst of total transformation at a timeline when we are checking our iPhones, enjoying 100s of thousands of varieties of imported foods and driving around in hybrids can be a strange juxtaposition to say the least. And, although prophecy foresaw the inevitability of these events and many are already living life according to their true nature, it seems the time has finally come for the light to shine on the yet unconscious of the masses.

Re-Integrating the Light

But, it doesn't really matter what the details of our situation are; the only thing that counts is that we stay focused on the Light that we are - the opposite of the hell that we may see or be living. Let that experience hold us safe and let us totally accept that the greatness of our true inner nature is not only real, but it is time to re-integrate it fully and let go of all else.

Let go, let go, let go. It's time to breathe anew - accept we may have not been living our highest spiritual potential, forgive ourselves for it, and begin to activate that now. I guarantee you that as time goes on, this practice of re-connecting with your spiritual truth and nature will be the only thing useful and effective - and the results will be your desired ones.

Don't worry about what the future might be, just focus on bringing your awareness to the light in your life now and the horizon of your personal destiny will be golden. Do that.

The light is already here...just become aware.

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Piaget's Conservation Stage - Education - K-12 Education


By: Anna Gianiotes4/28/11?Conservation 1IntroductionAccording to Berk, conservation refers to the idea that certain physical characteristics of objects remain the same, even when their outward appearance changes (Berk 2005, p.241). Children younger than eight lack the ability to cognitively process the concept of conservation. I am able to see this kind of thinking in the children in my pre-kindergarten class. Often, when I serve snack, one child will say they received less, even though I use the same measuring cup to serve everyone. If they see a difference in the spacing of items they often state that they are not the same. One day, the center I work at was having lunch together. Child number 18 could not believe how much money my boss had in her hand because there were a lot of ones in the pile. I decided to test conservation with both groups of children that I have in my care. One group is between 4 and 5 years of age who have not yet entered school; the other group is from 5 to 11 years of age who are of school age. I wanted to use money just to see the reactions from my younger children. However, I also need to have a more dramatic conservation task for comparison. According to Piaget, it is not until the concrete operations stage, which occurs between the ages of 8 to 11, can a childs mind comprehends conservation although it may possible occur earlier.Description of Methods and Analysis of Results I decided to pick two conservation experiments to do with both groups. The first experiment consisted of two stacks of money. When I first did this experiment with the pre-kindergarten group, I used a fifty dollar bill in one stack and a stack of ones and fives in the Conservation 2other. I asked the children if they would help me with my home work. I brought each child over to the back corner of my classroom to do the experiment individually. I had the money on the floor in two stacks one with all the ones and five; the other one with the f ifty. I asked them the question which has more? All the children picked the stack with the ones and fives. I took pictures of which stack they picked and asked them to tell me why they picked the stack. As I thought more about the experiment and reread Piagets definition of conservation, I decided that I did not conduct the experiment correctly. According to the definition both stacks should be the same with the only difference being the physical aspect. I redid the experiment using five ones and a five in one stack; the other stack contained a ten dollar bill. I told the children that both of the stacks had the same amount of money in them. Then I asked the question, Which has more? After I recorded these results, I set up for the water conservation experiment. I took two four ounce cups and filled them with water equally. In front of those two cups, I placed two different size cups. One cup was a short flat portion cup and the other on was a tall twelve ounce cup. I brough t each child over individually and did the experiment. I showed both of the four ounce cups full of water to the children and again told them that both the cups of water had the same amount of water. Then I had them watch as I poured the water into the two different cups. I then asked them which cup had more? I took pictures and recorded their answers and explanations. In the afternoon, my school age children arrived. We go outside first, so I started with the water conservation experiment because the money would have blown away. I brought each Conservation 3child over to the picnic table and explained to them that they were helping me with my home work. I had the two four ounces cups full of water. In front of those two cups, I set the portion cup and the twelve ounce cup. I told every child that the two four ounce cups had the same amount of water in them; then I poured the water in the two different cups and asked the children which cup had more. I took pictures and reco rded their answers and explanations. When we went inside, I set up the money conservation activity. I had the ones and five in one pile and the ten dollar bill in the other pile. I called the children over one at a time. I told them that both of the piles of money had the same amount of money in them. Then I asked them which one had more. I took pictures and recorded their answers and explanations. After I collected all my data, I assigned all the children a number. The results were very interesting and I wanted parents to be able to review the results confidentially. I sent a letter to all the parents of the children in the experiment informing of them of the process and their childs number. Displayed below are charts of the results of both experiments for the prekindergarten and school age groups. In the charts every child is defined by a number. Their age and the choice they made is available for comparison. I also decided to ask each child the question Why?, in order for me to reflect on their thinking processes during the experiments. Theoretical AnalysisBefore I started the money experiment, I had a hypothesis that all the children, except two, of the pre-kindergarten children would pick the stack of money which contained a higher number of bills. Number 2 and 28 have higher than normal cognitive capacity in the pre-Conservation 6 kindergarten class based on observations I have conducted in my classroom. They have excellent recall and problem solving techniques. I was sure that they would understand that both piles of money contain the same amount. On the other hand number 22 surprised me when he picked the ten dollar bill for its face value. When interviewing his mom, about number 22s results, she smiled and said that he learned early from his older sister about the value of money. As Piaget explained, younger childrens understanding is centered, or characterized by centration meaning they focus on one aspect of a situation (Berk 2005, p . 241). However, money may have not been the best example to use because as demonstrated with child number 22, it is cultural. Furthermore, child number 2, whom I believed would understand the concept did not say that the one pile had more, but simple stated that she liked dollars. Therefore, child number 2, may have based her choice on personal preference verses lack of knowledge. With the money experiment, prior knowledge of the value of money would determine the childs answer. As a result, the most important part of my experiment was the comparison with the water conservation experiment (Berk 2005, p. 241). I predicted for the pre-kindergarten class that most of the children would pick the short cup because it looked fuller. However, I contemplated about whether numbers 2 and 28s lack of prior knowledge of money was why they lacked the ability for conservation. Most of the prekindergarten children chose the small cup and provided the explanation that it was full to top. H owever, some of the younger children did note the difference in the two cups. Most of the younger children made the choices that Piagets predicted but there were some exceptions. I was surprised by some of the children who did not understand the water conservation and some that did understand it. Conservation 7Example child number 10, noted the physical difference of the cups by stating that one cup is littler and the other one is bigger, but failed to connect that the water previously poured was unchanged. While most of the children did chose the smaller cup, child number 2, immediately stated that the water was the same in both cups but the one cup was short so it looked fuller and the other cup was taller so it was not as full. Child number 28 also had a corresponding answer (See video). I was surprised that the original hypothesis I had made about number 2 and 28 in correspondence to the money experiment was accurate for the water conversation experiment. Number 2 and 28 s ability to understand the water conversation disproves Piagets theory that children are unable to understand the concept of conversation because the two children did not even hesitate to tell me that the two cups of water was the same. My hypothesis for the after-schoolings was completely off base. I made my hypothesis based on Piagets concrete operational theory that children develop conversation around the age of eight. I predicted that some of my seven year olds and up would easily complete the water conversation task. The results found that only child number 15, eleven years of age concluded that the water in the two four ounce cups remained the same after it was poured into the two different cups. According to Piagets, she is toward the end of the concrete operations stage. It was very interesting to see some of the arguments the older children were having defending what they believed was the correct answer. Although numbers 19,17, and 11 arguments for why they were r ight, displayed logical thinking, they failed to make the connection that there was no physical change in the water only in the cups into which the Conservation 8water was poured, again demonstrating Piagets centration explanation. The three children only focused on the physical change of the cups. However, all the children I hypothesized would understand the water conversation, did understand the concept of conversation in the money experiment. Child number 8 was the first to explain to me that five ones and a five were the same as a ten. Some of the younger children were still confused a little and explained that the pile of ones and a five was bigger because of it is physical appearance (see video of child 25). Furthermore, child number 15 quickly caught on to the point of the both experiments was proud of the more advanced knowledge she possessed.Methodological AnalysisDuring this experiment, I was surprised by many of the younger childrens answers. Especially, how their thinking was headed in a logical direction. I was shocked that many of my older children inability to conserve (Berk 2005, p. 241). However, in comparing the two grade levels, using the two children from the prekindergarten class who completed the water conversation experiment at the age of 5 versus the one eleven year old who completed it in the afterschool program was extremely surprising to me. Vygotsky theory of social-cultural development, best fits a theory for my experiments because as demonstrated in the results of the money of experiment with the after school childrens prior knowledge and social factors associated with money directly correlates with my results from the money experiment. By using Vygotskys theory of the zone of proximal development, to scaffold conversation; many of the younger children could comprehend the concept at a younger age because the answers the Conservation 9younger children stated where logical and not of basis at all. Furthermore, if I had performed the money conversation experiment with the older children first, they would have already had the prior knowledge associated with money experiment and may have inferred that knowledge when they were challenged with the water conversation experiment.Once I had conducted all the experiments on all the children I explained to them what was happening. Although many of the older children had already made the connection from the money experiment to the water experiment, from one younger child number 20, I still received the what do you mean they are the same comment, even after more scaffolding and demonstrations. In conclusion while the conversation experiments I conducted demonstrated some cultural influence the experiments also demonstrated that what stage of Piagets operational stage theory children are currently in also played an important role in the results of my conservation experiments


Berk, Laura E. (2006). Child development. Boston, MA: Pearson Higher Education. p. 241-266

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Does The Diet Solution Program Really Work? Discover the shocking facts about The Diet Solution Program - Health

The Diet Solution Program Review; What is The Diet Solution Program? Does It Really Work

The Diet Solution Review Overview

The Diet Solution is a new fat burning program on the market. Unlike some programs which depth hrs of exercising sessions and muscle creating workouts to get final results, this fat loss program provides consumer a diet approach they can comply with. This program gives essential dietary data and breaks it down so that it's easy to take in and understand. This program is good for people that want to adhere to an easy step-by-step dietary plan without getting to do also devote hrs in the gymnasium. You can study our total The Diet Solution review below.

High quality

This program is fairly recent, but the details contained in it is not. The data furnished in this information is good quality dietary assistance. If you searched extended and hard enough you could most likely discover the very same data for cost-free on the world wide web, but this fat loss program does a remarkable work of putting everything with each other into an approach that is simple to comply with. They also make it easy for any individual to understand with the only downside becoming that the program focuses on diet and does not say significantly about fitness which numerous men and women also think about to be essential. This apart, it is an powerful fat burning program for folks to comply with.

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Most men and women want to know, "Does The Diet Solution really work?" To reply that, the following are the outcomes others have seen from utilizing the program. Right after following the program, most individuals started to see outcomes soon after many weeks. Following a number of months, they had even greater outcomes. Whilst final results diverse from person to person, most people lost a pound or two a week, which is a moderate volume. These are quite acceptable final results that you can assume as effectively if you follow the program.

Customer Feedback

We have thoroughly researched the fat loss program, The Diet Solution. In the course of our research, we go through a great number of consumer reviews and online comments. Here are a couple of examples of the type of customer feedback we came throughout.

"I was very impressed with all of The Diet Solution Program meal programs, the bonuses, the guarantee, and Isabel's experience. For the cash, it's the ideal deal in the weight loss industry - so significantly better than diet capsules!"

Part of real person diet solution review on AtoZFitness.com

"What I particularly like about the The Diet Solution Program is that it allows you to construct a sensible consuming plan with out depriving you of calories or any needed macro-nutrient.

It is also 1 of the most comprehensive textbooks I've ever study and the closest factor to a diet bible which I've encountered."

Part of actual user review on Squidoo.com

The Diet Solution is a comparatively new fat burning program on the market, so it does not have as a lot feedback as other programs. Even so, we did uncover several comments, most of which had been positive. The only negative comments criticized the lack of fitness advice in the program.


When you order The Diet Solution, you'll get:

A 180 page fat burning guide Several quality totally free bonuses A 60 day 100% money back again guarantee The price for The Diet Solution is only $39.95. The details is also downloadable, that means you'll get instant access right after you purchase.

The Diet Solution Review Conclusion

If you are searching for a fat burning program with a main focus on nutrition as an alternative of operating out, this is a fantastic program. It provides you with a healthy consuming guidebook for burning off unwanted fat. The assistance contained in this ebook is each nutritious and efficient. Although you won't see remarkable overnight results with The Diet Solution, you will see consistent, moderate fat loss as an outcome of next this program. If you want a program with a very good exercising/exercise routine program, you should appear into a various program.

Step by step motion steps telling you accurately how to set the ideas in place Thorough each day meal options that make every day eating easy Purchasing Lists to make food searching a snap Tasty Recipes to make every day meals tasty

The guide is comprehensive. Jam packed with unbelievable and useful information. But you do not will need to wait to get by means of the whole issue just before you can commence. You can use Isabel's Speedy Start out Guidebook to start the program ASAP. Some men and women have even just utilised the speedy start out information and lost ten-15lbs in a very little as six weeks.

The Diet Solution Program is not just another weight loss scheme or excessive diet. It is a way to lose weight and appreciate a lifetime of wellbeing. The Diet Solution Program is perfect for individuals who have struggled with their weight their complete lifestyle and are sick and drained of programs that just do not function very long phrase. The DSP is also best for folks who want to just take management of their health and reverse wellbeing conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

If you're in the slightest bit curious, I recommend you search closely at Isabel's program. I was quite impressed with all of The Diet Solution Program meal plans, the bonuses, the guarantee, and Isabel's expertise. For the cash, it is one particular of the ideal offers in the weight loss industry. And remember.

Isabel De Los Rios's The Diet Solution Program is backed by a ninety day money back again guarantee. And this is an actual guarantee. if you are not completely satisfied, you will get your dollars again, no "ifs," "ands," or "buts." So you seriously have nothing to lose.

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Use A Router To Enhance Your Projects - Hobbies

A router is a very effective power tool for enhancing the design of any project. You can use a router on wood, fiberglass, and plastic. Use a router to engrave, shape, groove, or to make inlets. The cutting action on a router comes from the sides of it rather than the tip. For the best results, go with the grain as you use the router.

There are several different sizes of routers to choose from with various amounts of power and speeds. Some people enjoy using a router with a diamond wheel accessory so they can detail glass and ceramic items. Routers can be frustrating at first, but don't be discouraged. Practicing with a router will show you exactly what it can and can't do.

Make sure you don't move the router too slow or you can burn the area you are working on. It can also make your bit very dull. Moving the router too fast is dangerous as well because your work with be rough and you will likely break your bit. It will take some time for you to get the feel for the right amount of pressure and speed to use with your router. If you listen to the router closely you will be able to hear a different sound when you are operating it correctly.

A creative person can do some amazing things with a router! The more knowledge you have about how your particular model of router works, the handier it will become. Routers are available with or without a cord. For the best results with a router, choose one that has a high amount of horsepower. It will be more versatile and help you complete your work accurately.

Regardless of the brand or size of router you choose to work with, it will have three basic parts the base, motor, and collet. The motor is actually located inside of the base. The bit of the router is held in place by the collet. There are several different bases to choose from. A fixed base has a bottom plate that is round, side handles, and an adjustable height. Some models come with accessories attached to the side.

The D-shaped handle base offers a trigger to make the router turn on and off. It is very convenient. The base you choose depends on your own personal preference. Both styles are very efficient. If you plan to do a great deal with the router, consider purchasing a kit that has both bases, allowing you to interchange them.

Routers have more accessories than any other power tool on the market. There are several hundred bits you can choose from. A common accessory is a router table. They are great for trying to router very small parts, as they hold everything securely in place for you.

Routers are often quite loud, so make sure you wear ear plugs. They can also result in large amounts of dust particles in the air depending on the type of material you are working with. A respirator is a good idea if you are using a router on wood. Always wear eye protection when you operate a router. Don't forget that the tip of the router may be hot when you are done using it.

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Fatmp3 - Free Mp3 Download, Mp3 Search Engine, Mp3 Player - Entertainment - Music

Mp3 is popular in the industry. This has become the reality standard for the audio industry all over the world. There are a number of popular audio search engines available on the internet

today. Our very own Google successfully performs the searching but has its limitation at certain aspects and forms.This brings to the age to new enhanced music search engine for completing all your needs.

FATMP3 have the largest MP3 collection of music on the web, and it is surely one of the simplest and most user-friendly websites when it comes to searching for music. The whole idea behind FATMP3 is to create and deliver an enhanced user experience where everything is accessible with a single click.

FATMP3 was started mainly concerning with searching of music, audio, video and mp3 files. When you visit this site all the available songs are arranged in the alphabetical order and it can be useful sometimes when we search for a particular track. Another innovation that has been done on the homepage is the populating a list of top 50 most downloaded songs in the recent past with the latest searches which helps you figure the trend in music which is currently going around. So if you are looking to download music for free then you must check this site out.

Once you start searching for a song by entering the title of the song or the name of the artist, the tool displays search results. However, the neat thing is that you can perform each and every function right from the search results page. This includes playing the song online too. All this is done without going through layers of pages or pop-up windows.The songs too are bit-rate sorted which helps you to download the best song which fits your need.

When you click the download button, the song immediately downloads to your hard drive and does not make you click through any annoying pop-ups where you have to decide if you want to open or save the file or choose a folder.

A list of latest searches at the bottom of the website provides you a good idea of what songs are popular nowadays.

The website is also free of any annoying ads or banners that have sadly become a trademark for other such websites

FATMP3 music service also lets you download and listen to mp3's from different types of genres. Mostly consisting of Hip Hop and R&B. There are other genres also like Old School R&B,

Gospel, Heavy/Metal, and Pop. You can enjoy your own personal music experience by playing songs for every mood, genre, activity and occasion.

What is FATMP3 ?FATMP3 is an internet's most powerful music search engine. FATMP3 has the largest MP3 collection on the web. This resource is a very popular and interesting option for internet users looking for free mp3 downloads.

How does FATMP3 works ?Once you start searching for a song by entering the title or the name of the artist, the tool displays search results. FATMP3 searches specifically for music file format which are best in quality and high in class.

Why FATMP3 ?It's all about loving music! As a member you can have access to music that will make you dance, make you cry, make you shout, nod your head. Music is an essential part of our lives.

Regardless of what type of music you listen to, FATMP3 is sure to have something that fits your needs.

FATMP3 is FAST ?Downloading from high-speed servers beats downloading from Joe Schmoe's dial-up internet connection any day. Free mp3 downloads has never been this easier and faster. FATMP3 is an absolutely free, fast, and effective solution for anyone looking to download free music.FATMP3 Is safe ?

Many peer-to-peer networks are flooded with spyware and malicious software that can harm your computer. FATMP3 filters mp3 files exclusively and provide you with best songs which you will love to hear. These files can not harm your computer. FATMP3 does not store any spyware. There is no software required for you to download.

As in all FATMP3 provides you with all the great mp3 music you want fast and easy. Data Collected from various sources completes your need.


* Search thousands of MP3 songs online. * Play, download song with a single click. * All the functionalities right there with search results. * View a list of recently searched songs. * View top songs on the list. * No registration required. * Unlimited download of songs per day. * All language songs supported by the website. * All songs are bit-rate sorted.

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What is search engine optimisation - Search Engines - SE Optimization

Any business who's serious about establishing a strong web presence have to maximise the traffic and exposure from search engines because they are capable of driving millions of potential customers to a business. Search engine optimisation (also known as SEO) refers to the methods and techniques that can improve a website's ranking (or visibility) on search results. There is a whole industry devoted to SEO. To understand SEO, one must first understand how search engines compile their results.

How do search engines generate search resultsSearch engine companies rely on computer programs that robotically scan the internet and gather information on all the websites they find. These computer programs or 'bots' are called spiders because their job is to 'crawl' the 'web'. These 'crawlers' download information from each website, which are then stored in their database.

When someone carries out a search, the search engine compares the search keyword(s) against the information in their database. In a fraction of a second, search engine's powerful super computers search through billions of websites in their database and pick out a list that match the user's criteria. Websites that are deemed most relevant are displayed at the top of the search results.

Each search engine has its own unique proprietary formula to determine relevance and the exact formulas are usually closely guarded trade secrets. It is said Google's formula contains over 200 variables. Although the exact formulas are unknown, there are a number of variables that are known to influence a website's search results ranking.

Common SEO methodsSEO companies like to divide different techniques into two broad categories: onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO refers to modifications a webmaster can do to their own website to improve its search results ranking such as search engine friendly URL, effective meta tags, internal links and sitemap.

The most talked about and widely emphasised offsite SEO variable is link popularity. Virtually all SEO companies provide some form of link popularity service. Link popularity refers to the quantity and quality of a website's back links. Quality can be affected by a number of factors: whether the originating website is in the same sector, whether the link has relevant anchor text, the page rank score (PR) or link popularity of the originating website and the link's visibility.

Webmaster should always try to get the best quality links and get as many of them as possible. Quantity is key but sometimes quality can be more important. For example a link coming from a highly relevant website with PR5 score could be worth more than ten PR0 links.

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Healthy Weight Loss Program: Your Personal Exercise Prescription - Health - Weight Loss

A fat burning exercise prescription is a MUST for the long term success of any healthy weight loss program. Guidelines for healthy weight loss related to exercise and physical activity have been steadily improving over the last 20 years.

Along with the 1996 Surgeon General's recommendations, the American College of Sports Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association have all issued statements on the importance of regular physical exercise in a healthy weight loss program.

The diet industry also endorses exercise as a beneficial component in any healthy weight loss plan.

In fact, look at the disclaimers of any fad diet, special weight loss pill, or fat reducing fruit nectar and you'll see where, in addition to the "unbelievable benefits" of their product, the practice of proper nutrition and consistent aerobic exercise are highly recommended to achieve optimal healthy weight loss results.

In other words, these companies are telling you that eating right and the incorporation of moderate aerobic exercise have more to do with the overall outcome of the healthy weight loss plan than does their "miracle pill".

Overview1. Determine your age adjusted maximum heart rate (220 - your age = maximum heart rate)

2. Determine your optimum fat burning exercise heart rate range (maximum heart rate x.6 = minimum heart rate; maximum exercise heart rate x.75 = maximum exercise heart rate

3. Exercise for 30 minutes, 3 times per week, keeping your heart rat between 60% and 75% of your age adjusted maximum heart rate.

4. Perform the flexibility exercises listed below 2 - 3 times per week.

Exercise PrescriptionExercise, by definition, means purposeful movement. Although many kinds of exercise exist, certain exercises may not be necessarily therapeutic for you. Remember, an exercise prescription is just that; it's a prescription. Very little benefit will be obtained with nonspecific, over the counter exercise programs. Your understanding of the purpose, principles, and adherence to each prescribed exercise technique will be essential to the development of a positive outcome.

The purposes of an exercise prescription are to:1. Increase muscular flexibility2. Normalize and balance muscle tone by increasing oxygen rich blood flow to the tissue3. Integrate muscle activity 4. Restoration of functional movement5. Restoration of functional muscle strength and endurance

The exercise principles listed below serve as a guideline for proper application. Study the principles carefully in order to maximize the effectiveness of your exercise program.

Exercises designed to improve flexibility should be performed several times per day. Each exercise should be held for 30-60 seconds to allow the tissue to elongate.

Exercise prescribed to improve strength, mobility, and endurance should be performed at a pace that would enable you to complete the prescribed number of repetitions in one minute. If multiple sets are prescribed for each exercise session, a 90 second rest interval should follow each set.

Never hold your breath during exercise. Your therapist will instruct you in the proper breathing technique that will facilitate a better exercise outcome.

You may experience a slight ache or discomfort following your first or second exercise session. This is a normal reaction referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and should go away in a day or so. This type of muscle soreness is not a cause for stopping your exercise program.

If the exercise reproduces a specific pain or makes an already existing pain become more widespread, stop the exercise and inform your physician immediately.

Allow yourself enough time to complete the exercise as prescribed. Exercise sessions that are rushed through with little attention paid to technique will be ineffective and will prolong your symptoms. If time becomes an issue, perform a few repetitions several times throughout the day.

Don't be in a hurry to advance to more strenuous exercise. Remember that tissue adaptation to new forms of stress takes time. In some cases it took years for your condition to develop. It is unrealistic to expect that the condition will be resolved after just a few exercise sessions. Compliance with your prescribed program and patience will result in the desired outcome.

In combination with a healthy diet and nutrition plan, a fat burning exercise prescription is a necessary component of any healthy weight loss program.

Before beginning any healthy weigh loss program, it is strongly advised that you consult with your physician.

Do you want to learn more about a fat burning exercise prescription as a part of a healthy weight loss program? I've just finished a new ebook on how you can get lasting weight loss results utilizing "The 10 Step Permanent Weight Loss Formula". Get it FREE by clicking the links below.

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The Art Of Seduction - Become A Better Seducer - Relationships - Dating

The Art Of Seduction

Having fun is important when learning the art of seduction as it constantly keeps you motivated and moving. You will find that on your journey to becoming a transformed Casanova that sometimes you can be feeling down on yourself (this happens to a lot of guys and its completely natural).

If you're approaching plenty of women and not getting the reactions you seek then its natural to feel slightly de-motivated to continue, which is why MOST guys give up the game within the first 3 months.

As humans we seek quick fixes and instant results. Sometimes you can start seeing immediate results and sometimes (more often than not) results are slow to realize.

When I run my seduction workshops most guys are at beginner level and haven't approached many women before, by the end of the night they've approached at least 50 women! And they realize instant results and they achieve an ultimate level of state, they feel amazing and want more.

Other seduction workshops I run students are at differ levels of seduction learning and prefer to focus on a key point of attraction, which we do and they again see amzing results.

Have you ever been to the gym and tried to gain muscle mass?

You work out for 1 solid week, stressing muscles, sweating all over the place, red in the face, huffing and puffing... all that effort! And when you look in the mirror after two weeks you're still the same weight!

I have many times...

I find that I stopped and started the gym visits for the last few years depending on my state. I might watch a bruce lee movie and get instantly motivated again and go back, and again after a few weeks... I see no results so I give up.

It's a cylcle and I keep repeating this. I was quite amazed (I really was) when I found out that I wasn't alone and in fact most guys were doing exactly what I was doing (this could be you too?)

The same prinviple appilies especially when learning seduction.

Instant results are RARE (but can happen) : )

A key to excelling fast in the art of eduction is accepting that this can be a long or short road and it all depends on your willingness to learn and your comfort levels at this point in time. Below are some simple steps you can follow to keep up the spirtits and continue learning the art of seduction.

Having met some of the

1. Have no agenda; if you have no agenda or outcome then logically you cant be disappointed. If you head out for a night on the town with a 'purpose' i.e getting 10 phone numbers, X amount of make-outs and you don't acehveive these set goals then you'll feel slightly anxius. 2. Find a friend! It's better to go out with supportive and friends you know well as most importantly you all have fun together. If you treat pickup as a mathemtaica;l equation then women will sense this, having fun is important as it creates lots of emotion with women, so guys avoid boring interview questions, play with her head, tell jokes and casually compliment her (but only if its sincere) important that you don't overdo this one. 3. Dress pimp; don't dress in a suit or any business like fashion aka "boring". If you look funky, cool and stand out then women will automatically sense you have confidence to wear these clothes in the first place, it also conveys you are A FUN GUY. It brings a certain energy to the interaction. This brings me to my next point...4. ENERGY!!!!! Especially at night time have energy. Being high energy ismuch better than being shy and quiet (this isn't cute its creepy). If you meet a guy that speaks and cant be heard, and you have to lean in to talk to him you will understand that it gives off the wrong signals and its creepy. So start being LOUDER. Most of the successful guys I know who are AMAZING with women are super loud.

I'll talk to you soon!

Your friendAlex Coulson

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Google AdSense: A Concise Guide for Website Owners - Marketing - Marketing Tips

Google is a search engine giant that earns most of its revenue with the help of paid and free marketing methods. Google has also several online marketing programs which are especially designed to help them and paying off to the marketers. Google Adsense is one of the best programs for the internet marketers and for the individuals to earn good profit by promoting websites which are promoting by Google via paid programs. Moreover, according to the current stats, almost 85% traffic comes from Google and other search engines. Therefore, earning via Google Adsense is a lucrative method for many individuals to promote websites and get paid through Google.

This article is on the Google program which allows website owners and to advertise on their search results called Adsense.

How Adsense is a lucrative option for the website owners? Google AdSense is a free program that authorizes website owners to earn income by displaying relevant ads on their website. This program is divided into several steps in which following are its important methods to use Adsense efficiently for you as a website owner and an individual.

Site search results

This feature enables website owners to add a custom search engine to your site, and earn from ads on the search results pages. This process is also called monetization.

Placement of banners, links and ads on the website

You can add Google ad, banners and links on you website and on each click you will earn money as much as possible. Here, one thing is very important and that is the relevancy of displayed add. So, you can add Google Adsense ads which are relevant and sited you audience's interest. So, each time when your website victor will click on the Google ads, you will earn from that valid each click or impressions.

How Adsense Works for your website:

After knowing about some important types of Google Adsense technique for the website owners to earn through their website, next step would be to explore how this program works. Remember; when you go to Google and search for appropriate keyword phrase, you will find some "ad Links" which are also called sponsored links.To promote Google given websites, you get HTML code to place into your website page anywhere else. These codes you will have to put into your pages and promote your website to earn good clicks and commission on each link! Remember, when you will embed the HTML code into your website then the ads will be show up on your website. So, if you are new into the adsense advertising then this concise guide will help you to earn unlimited easy money online.

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Benefits of Free TV Streaming To Busy People - Entertainment - Television

Not all people are able to watch their favorite television shows at the comfort of their homes. It might be due to their busy schedule or other things that they had to do at the time of the airing. The advancements that people have made with the internet have given everyone the chance to watch their favorite shows online through live streaming. Streaming or live streaming is the delivery of a digitized content in the internet by someone who has an access to the show or network. There are sites over in the internet that offers free TV streaming of any show that people would like to watch. Just be sure with the site you choose.

Most of the television programs being watched through live streaming are those that come from abroad since it cannot be seen easily through the local network. Other programs being watched in those free TV streaming are games of the popular sporting leagues in the world. Though broadcasters of those leagues have exclusive distributors in some countries, people still make use of live streaming due to the fact that it costs big bucks just to subscribe for it. They just need a stable internet connection and they can now watch their favorite athletes play with the best.

Most of the live streaming can be watched for free. When you search in, for example, Google about TV streaming, majority of the sites offer it without any charge. Almost everything that is found in the results page provides live video streaming and full episodes streaming. Aside from streaming TV contents, radio streaming is also provided by the various streaming sites found in the World Wide Web.

Live video streaming is now also offered by several TV networks to cater their loyal viewers that are very busy with their work. They can just connect in the internet from their office and they can watch their favorite TV show while taking a break from their work. These streaming offered by TV networks are much more reliable than those that are found in the results page of Google since they are exclusive distributors of these shows.

What makes TV streaming very useful to every internet user is that they can watch their favorite television show wherever there is an internet connection and wherever their location are. If they are still in the office and their favorite news channel is about to air the latest news, he can just watch it through live streaming. This great innovation has brought so much benefit to each individual in the world. Watching television shows are now made easy with the help of the free TV streaming. Without it, people would be missing so many shows due to their busy schedules.

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Concerned over web site search engine optimization search results? - Search Engines - SE Optimization

The credibility of web site search engine optimization search results has been the subject of major debates for many years. How reliable are the search results and how much can you trust them to bring up relevant information?

When search engine optimisation or SEO first became an important tactic in online marketing the result was a littering of spam results that showed great inventiveness of the SEO specialists.

Amongst the many search engine spam techniques are keywords unrelated to site, redirects, keyword stuffing, mirror/duplicate content, tiny text, doorway pages, link farms, cloaking, keyword stacking, domain spam and more where that came from. A whole new art form of rearranging the search engine results.

Of course the search engines had to tweak their algorithms to combat these abuses and have become much more effective in weeding out this kind of spam.

But have they managed to overcome this pestilence or are search results still far short of showing credible results?

Enter in your search term and see what comes up. In all probability you will find that the results are more cluttered with blogs and user-generated content. These are not always credible or authoritative sources of information.

Blogs are more likely to rise to the top of the search results because they naturally achieve a fair number of inbound links due to other sites referencing their content or using other posts to support their point of view.

So the big question would be whether blogs are necessarily the most useful and relevant information for users?

Not only this fact lends some dubiousness to the search results, but also the fact that often much older articles come up on search.

In the fast moving technology of this age we are living in, any article on internet marketing for instance that is older than three years should be viewed with suspicion. Yet, they come up regularly.

The search engines focus on looking for new content enriched with relevant keywords can be to the detriment of information rich sites that might not have new content uploaded at regular intervals.

Bloggers have the advantage of being able to post keyword-rich textual content, negotiate a high number of inbound links, insert descriptive meta titles that are spider friendly and bookmark their content on search friendly social bookmarking sites such as Technorati.

This means that often a blog could come up top of the search lists by the clever use of SEO principles rather because the content is relevant or credible in terms of search.

How can users know whether their web site search engine optimization search results will provide the best possible and most credible results?

Difficult to tell nowadays. As user generated content grows it could be that this is what will dominate the results that search engines will bring up.

Just try a search for any topic and see what comes up. You will find it quite interesting to try and work out which of your first page results could be a credible source of information.

Users will have to learn that just because a page ranks highly and shows up on page one of the search engine they cannot draw the conclusion mean that the content is necessarily credible.

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7 Methods to Help Treat Eczema Quick - Health - Wellness

Eczema is an illness whose symptoms include itching, redness, flaking skin, small pimples on the neck, forehead and cheek, and rough skin. Many people treat eczema using home remedies. There are medicinal treatment for eczema in children and babies. The problem of using medicines for baby eczema treatment is that the symptoms relapse after the medicines are stopped.

1. Oatmeal Bath: This is another great way of eczema relief for your little child. Grind some oats in the blender and put it into a muslin tea bag. Place this tea bag into the warm bath water of your child in order to ease off the excessive itching sensation. However, do not give a long bath to your child.

2. Take your zinc. Zinc has been shown to benefit the skin in general and eczema in particular. Purchase a zinc supplement and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for daily use.

3. The following are vitamins known to be helpful with skin health. Don`t just supplement, try including more foods high in these vitamins and minerals along with supplementing. Vitamin A:15 milligrams, Vitamin C: Take 500 milligrams 3 times a day for a total of 1500 milligrams a day, Vitamin E: 700 International Units a day, Zinc: 15 milligrams a day for women and 20 milligrams a day for men.

4. Epsom Salt - Epsom salts help remove dead skin from the surface of eczema. Use in warm bath water and soak your body in the solution. Apply natural oils afterwards for best results.

5. Petroleum Jelly: To keep the skin in a well moisturized condition, petroleum jelly is the best option available with you. Most of the body lotions that are available in the market contain fragrance and other irritants which are not suitable for your child. Apply the jelly soon after the bath when the skin is still not completely dry. You should apply it thrice a day for best results.

6. Opt for cotton. Clothing made with cotton is easier on eczema-ridden skin than clothes made with synthetic fabrics. Additionally, try to avoid tight clothes, as they can make your symptoms worse.

7. This special oil is an important aid to the health of skin. Eating foods like walnuts, avocados, mackerel and Alaskan tuna are great choices.

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Looking at how to Effectively Utilise Topsoil - Home - Gardening

Topsoil is one of the most important gardening products on the market and in order to maximise its usefulness, it is crucial to know exactly how best to utilise topsoil in your garden. Most gardeners will argue that topsoil is one of the cornerstones of having a healthy, well-looking garden.

In order to best understand how to use topsoil in your garden, you will need to know exactly what role it plays in promoting a healthy garden. When it comes to growing plants in your garden, topsoil will invariably be your biggest ally because it supplies the sorts of nutrients that will be instrumental in producing high quality and healthy plants. To find the best selection of topsoil, it is generally a good idea to begin your search online.

Topsoil Tips for your Garden

The first thing that you should do when youve decided to make use of topsoil in your garden is making sure that you purchase a good quality of the product because not all types of topsoil will be of the same standard and to get the best results, you will need the highest quality of the product. Generally speaking, the best type of topsoil is that which retains all the debris, such as bark and organic debris because this boasts the highest quota of nutrients which will help you to grow the sort of plants that youre after.

The amount of topsoil that you will require for your garden will be dependent on a number of different factors but, in most cases, you should aim to utilise around six to twelve inches of topsoil in order to get the best results. Most gardeners will speak to lawn care specialists who deal in products such as turf, bark and topsoil in order to fully understand the best way of implementing this beneficial product into your own garden.

It is crucial that you find a topsoil supplier who has a good reputation within the industry and who can supply good quality topsoil for use in your garden. Looking online in search of such specialists is likely to bear fruit and have you growing the sort of nutrient rich, healthy plants that you crave in no time.

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Benefits of Free TV Streaming To Busy People - Entertainment - Television

Not all people are able to watch their favorite television shows at the comfort of their homes. It might be due to their busy schedule or other things that they had to do at the time of the airing. The advancements that people have made with the internet have given everyone the chance to watch their favorite shows online through live streaming. Streaming or live streaming is the delivery of a digitized content in the internet by someone who has an access to the show or network. There are sites over in the internet that offers free TV streaming of any show that people would like to watch. Just be sure with the site you choose.

Most of the television programs being watched through live streaming are those that come from abroad since it cannot be seen easily through the local network. Other programs being watched in those free TV streaming are games of the popular sporting leagues in the world. Though broadcasters of those leagues have exclusive distributors in some countries, people still make use of live streaming due to the fact that it costs big bucks just to subscribe for it. They just need a stable internet connection and they can now watch their favorite athletes play with the best.

Most of the live streaming can be watched for free. When you search in, for example, Google about TV streaming, majority of the sites offer it without any charge. Almost everything that is found in the results page provides live video streaming and full episodes streaming. Aside from streaming TV contents, radio streaming is also provided by the various streaming sites found in the World Wide Web.

Live video streaming is now also offered by several TV networks to cater their loyal viewers that are very busy with their work. They can just connect in the internet from their office and they can watch their favorite TV show while taking a break from their work. These streaming offered by TV networks are much more reliable than those that are found in the results page of Google since they are exclusive distributors of these shows.

What makes TV streaming very useful to every internet user is that they can watch their favorite television show wherever there is an internet connection and wherever their location are. If they are still in the office and their favorite news channel is about to air the latest news, he can just watch it through live streaming. This great innovation has brought so much benefit to each individual in the world. Watching television shows are now made easy with the help of the free TV streaming. Without it, people would be missing so many shows due to their busy schedules.

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Internet Marketing Company promotes business online - Search Engines - SE Optimization

Internet marketing is very different from the normal marketing. Normal marketing is like making a presence in the market by establishing a unit in your name in the desired market. But in case of internet marketing, the website has to take services from some good internet marketing Company and create a presence online amongst top rankers in search engine results. Internet marketing company works via a team of SEO through on-page and off-page optimization of a website. Both these practices start after proper designing and lay-out of the website. The off-page optimization and the on-page optimization require regular working on the website on the daily basis and extract as many visitors through proper online search results.Visitors type their keywords in the search engines and look for desired search engine results. Search engines show the top ten results for that keyword. It is evident that the website needs to be amongst top ten search engine results for related searches and get maximum business opportunities. Internet marketing Company or SEO Company gets the privilege to make your website rank high for best business opportunities. Internet marketing Company chalks out a plan to make the website flourish. The plan includes various activities like article submission, directory submission, blog releases, PR networking and so on through search engine optimization. Internet marketing also includes link building where links are attached with related websites so that the visitor searching for specific product on other website gets in touch with desired website through links. Apart from this; there are SMO activities also. This includes making the presence online through social networking sites. Email marketing is also a part of internet marketing. The idea is to make your presence so high that no visitor leaves the internet without noticing your website on the internet. SEO team enables a website to score high amongst top search engine results and e arn good ROI through internet marketing.

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Know the Male Enhancement products before use - Health

Male enhancement is no longer an issue which men do not want to talk about. More and more men, with each passing day, are becoming interested to gain information about the different male enhancement techniques and products. Infact there are many men who are very much eager to use a male enhancement product and enjoy the benefits derived from its use.

With the increasing popularity of male enhancement, the different male enhancement techniques like male enhancement pills, devices and exercises are also gaining popularity. If you are interested to try the male enhancement products, you will find that there are so many products and techniques available in the market that you will be confused to decide which one to use and which one not to. At such times the reviews about the male enhancement products prove to be beneficial in providing information about the product.

There are many websites on the World Wide Web which sell different male enhancement products. These websites provide complete and valuable information about the different male enhancement products and techniques to the customers. For those people who are about to buy a male enhancement product for the first time, the information provided by these websites prove to be very useful and beneficial.

Most of the male enhancement reviews about the different male enhancement products and techniques provide detailed information about the product or technique. From these reviews you will get detailed information about a product such as the quality of the male enhancement product and its price. One of the most important information which you can collect from these reviews is that whether the male enhancement product gives positive results and is beneficial or not. These reviews will tell you which are the best result giving male enhancement products and techniques. If the reviews suggest that a male enhancement product or technique really works and gives positive results after its use, you will surely want to try that particular product or technique.

The market is filled with a number of male enhancement products and techniques. Most of them are genuine, but not all. From the reviews on the male enhancement product you will also come to know whether a particular male enhancement product is genuine or not. These reviews also provide information on how to use a particular product or technique. Although the products are accompanied by instructions on how to use it, the information in the reviews is much more helpful as they are based on first hand experience of using that product.

There are different male enhancement products and techniques available in the market like the male enhancement pills, device, patches, exercises etc. These products are simple to use and can be used without any difficulty. Yet many men are still doubtful about the use of these products. The feedback in the reviews help such men to clear the doubt which they have about the use of the male enhancement products.

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Genetic Testing to be Introduced for Health Insurance - Insurance - Life Annuities

Insurance companies are now allowed to consider the results of genetic test when underwriting policies. DNA samples will be permitted only in cases where the policyholder may have inherited the degenerative Huntington's disease.

The decision of the expert advisory body reporting to the Government on genetics and insurance will open the door to the consideration of genetic test results for diseases which are inherited, including breast cancer.

Consumer groups and opposition MPs maintain that the introduction of DNA tests for insurance will create a group of people - the genetic underclass - who will be unable to get medical insurance cover.

A prime example of a group who will have to pay higher premiums and may never qualify for life insurance, are those inheriting the gene associated with Huntington's, a terminal disease. Failure to disclose this disease to an insurance company following a DNA test would invalidate the cover.

The Liberal Democrat spokesman for health, Dr Peter Brand, says that not only is it going to be very difficult to regulate genetic testing, but it will create not only a genetic underclass, but also a health underclass. He maintains that although it is sensible to test when a genetic disease is treatable, it should be carried out confidentially, otherwise people won't be able to sign up for mortgages and insurance.

An independent group of health professionals, geneticists and actuaries, known as the Genetics and Insurance Committee, has been established by the Department of Health, to assess genetic tests.

Hereditary breast cancer, myotonic dystrophy and Alzheimer's disease are among nine diseases, which the Association of British Insurers (ABI) plans to request permission to include in a list of diseases for which genetic test results can be requested.

The National Consumer Council considers the granting of this application could be a backward step, as it will discourage people from applying for a test, which could be in their own interest.

Insurers will be told that they may consider genetic tests for Huntington's when assessing life insurance cover, although not for mortgage protection and some other types of insurance cover. Cornhill and Standard Life do not consider the results from genetic testing when assessing a claim, although some insurance companies may do..

The Huntington's Disease Association accepts that insurers must behave as 'commercial companies' Each person whose parent has Huntington's disease is born with a 50-50 chance of inheriting the faulty gene. Anyone who inherits the faulty gene will, at some stage, develop the disease. A genetic test is available from Regional Genetic Clinics throughout the country. This test will usually be able to show whether someone has inherited the faulty gene, but it will not indicate the age at which they will develop the disease.50 per cent of people have a chance of inheriting Huntington's from a parent who is diagnosed with the disease There are about 7000 people suffering from the illness in the country.

Juvenile Huntington's Disease (JHD) refers to anyone who develops signs or symptoms of HD before they are 20 years old. It is a relatively rare condition and only about 5% of people affected with HD will develop symptoms this young. This can make it quite an isolating experience for the person affected by HD, their family, and any professionals that are helping them.

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Hiring A SEO Company - The Important Choice - Internet - Free

Online businesses are growing rapidly each day. Though the field gives you many opportunities for growth and success, the fact is that the competition is very high and you would have to give really good and high quality services or products to your customers to keep the business growing. This is a tedious task since there may be plenty of businesses similar to yours on the internet.

Those who have been in the online business for some time know the importance of hiring a good SEO company to help them out with building their websites. In the online business your website is everything. It is similar to the stores you find on the street, the more the customers who enter the store, the more likely business would flourish.

Similarly, the more visitors you have to your website, it is more likely that your products or services would be sold out. In fact, if you look at it from an angle you would find that the whole agenda of the online business is aimed to increase the visitor count to the website. There are many techniques used to ensure that there is a steady flow of visitors to the site.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the most widely used technique to get your website noticed. It essentially means that your web page would get a higher visibility with higher page ranking through the search results. To put it in simple words, the words in your website would be matched and the page would come in the results of page one in the search results.

When you have a high page ranking people are more likely to visit it. This is to say that you should try to get your page ranking within the first two pages of a search result so that people would notice your website and the visitor count would increase. This is why you need to hire a SEO services Company when you get into online business.

There are many SEO companies who would promise to provide you with good page rankings through various techniques like SEO link building and so on. It is essential that the company tell you how many of the words in your site would be ranked, else you would find that only about 60-70% of the words match and the money you spent on the services was just wasted.

Apart from looking at the quality of the company, also consider the cost they would charge for the services provided. There may be SEO companies which would charge you sky-high prices for their SEO services and not guarantee satisfactory results. So it would be better if you research a little on the various SEO companies available in your area, the quality of their services and the fee they are charging for it etc.

Since there are many companies that may provide you SEO services, you can be choosy. So try to choose the best and also one which would charge you a higher fee only after showing work that has quality.

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6 Ways Your Website Is Losing Sales - Advertising

How effective is your website? Is it attracting lots of targeted visitors? Is your site bringing in new business and new contacts daily? Are customers, purchasing agents, business partners and new vendors finding you on the web? Or have you spent thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for a website that seems to collect little more than electronic tumbleweeds and cyberdust?

Millions of web searches are conducted each day by government buyers, private industry purchasing agents, small businesses and consumers looking for everything from software to hoof trimmers for goats. Chances are there are people searching the web right now for the products or services you sell. If your site doesn't capture their attention and order, a competitor will.

Typically, these prospects go to Google, Yahoo, MSN or AOL and type in a keyword or key phrase describing the product or service they seek. The listings they see on the first one or two search engine result pages (nicknamed SERPS by Internet marketing professionals), are usually the sites they visit to gather information and make their purchase. If your site doesn't show up on that first page or two of results, or if your site does show up but is difficult to use, customers that could be yours will drift into some other company's sales funnel.

So, how do you make your site show up in the first page of two of search results when you can find 566,000 search results on Google for a term like "bullet proof vests"? Why do competitors' sites, and sometimes sites that are just lists of affiliate links, wind up on the first or second page of the SERPs when your site is on page 53? Why is your site missing in action - or, if it is getting found, missing the action?

There are many factors that affect search marketing results including how old your domain name is and how long it's been live on the web. But if your site has been up for several months and it isn't bringing you leads, contacts or sales, then the problem may be that your site is guilty of one or more website marketing mistakes. Here are the most common - and the easiest to correct.

1 - Thinking your customers don't use the web

I was at a dinner one evening with a small business owner who was complaining how difficult it is to get new customers and how much trouble he is having getting some of his old customers to pay their bills. I asked the owner if he had a web site and was using it to attract customers. "We have a web page up, but we don't do anything with it," he said. "Our customers don't look for our services on the web." I resisted the temptation to remind him that he had just said his customers don't pay, either.

Instead, I looked at his website the next day. It was just a single page with little other than the company logo, phone number, and a photo of their facility. Next, I searched for a couple of key phrases that described what the business sold. Not surprisingly, my dinner buddy's site didn't show up in the organic (unpaid) search results. But a lot of his competitors did.

In addition, a number of his competitors were advertising in Google and Yahoo pay-per-click ads. They apparently had discovered what my friend was missing: customers on the web.

2 - Hiding your site from search engines

No one wants to hide their key pages from search engines. But that's exactly what a lot of sites do because the people who build them either don't understand how search engines work, or are more concerned with visual effects than getting found on the web. Search engines are hungry for text. They can't read graphics.

The text on pages tells search engines what a site is about, so the search engine knows when to display it in response to search queries. If the search engine can't find any text, or finds very little text, your site isn't going to get found. Here are some of the ways sites hide themselves from the search engines.

- Misusing Flash Technology

Flash technology is what web developers use to create web pages with moving images. Done by a really good designer, a flash page looks impressive. It wows you, the rest of your management team, your investors and your mother-in-law. If it's really good, it might even win some design awards. But it has one fatal flaw: A page built with Flash technology rarely places well in the search engines. That's because search engines rely on textual elements in a page to determine what a page is about and whether or not it matches what Joe Customer just typed into the search engine.

Flash is great for product demos and to show off design skills, but business looking for free search engine traffic, won't get it from Flash pages. Worse, Flash pages often take longer to load than regular HTML pages and annoy visitors who want to quickly gather facts about the product or service.

If your home page or other key page on your site is a Flash page now, change it. In its place, put a text page that includes text, headlines and bullet points about your products and services. If you spent a lot of money for the flash presentation, link to it from your home page or from your "About Us" page. That way the presentation will still be available for those who really want to see it, but it won't stop you from getting search engine traffic and won't annoy people who don't like Flash pages.

- Using pictures of text instead of text

Maybe you or your web designer wanted to give your website a certain look. Perhaps it's some font you like to use in headlines or other design elements - a font that wouldn't be on everyone's computer. Or, maybe you told your web developer to copy your brochure as the basis of your website. So, they scanned in the brochure and saved it as a series of image files. Whatever the reason, if most of the text on your pages is actually incorporated in a screen shot or other picture, the "text" in the image isn't going to get picked up by search engines.

If your home page and site consist of mostly graphic images, change it. Put real text on the page, not images of text. (If you can't tell if it's text or a picture of text on your site, try to select a portion of the text the way you'd select a portion of text in a Word document. If you can't select only a portion of the text, the text isn't really text. It's a graphic.

Search engines can't read the words in your graphic logo, either. So, be sure to include your business name in plain text somewhere on your web pages, too.

- Using Frames to build the site. Web frames provide an easy way to build a site that where text on pages scroll, but the navigational elements are always stay put. Theoretically, that's a good idea. But theory and practice don't mix. The problem: search engines don't read framed pages. If your developer has set your site up in frames, have them change it. It's better to have the navigational elements scroll with the text, than to have them static on the pages and not get found.

3 - Not using the right keywords and keyphrases in the pages on your site.

Keywords and key phrases are the words people type into the search engine when they are looking for a product or service. To get found in search engines, your website needs to contain text that includes the query terms your customers are most likely to use looking for what you sell.

For instance, if you sell voice recognition software called VoiceConverterNow and you target the healthcare industry, your prospects are likely to be searching Google and Yahoo for terms like "medical voice recognition software" or "voice recognition software for hospitals." Unless you're the leader in your industry, they probably won't be searching for your product by name. Neither will they be searching for terms such as "leading provider of voice- to-data conversion systems in the medical community," or other puffery you might be tempted to put in brochures or VC presentations. Similarly, if you are an individual who provides word processing and OCR services to publishers, your site isn't likely to get found if it talks about your expertise as a "virtual assistant." Your customers will be searching for terms like "typist," "data entry service," and "scanning service."

To maximize your chances of getting found in search engines, be sure your web pages include common key words and phrases associated with the product or concept being described on the page. Appropriate keywords should appear in the page title, metatags, headlines and body of your text.

Note: The page title consists of the words that show up at the very top of your browser. It is one of the first places the search engines look to determine what your page is about and match it up with search engine queries. Unless your business name is a keyword for your industry, it should be at the end of the title, not the beginning - or not in the title at all.

4 - Making it difficult to understand what your business sells and what features the product or service offers.

Web searchers are impatient. They expect to be able to tell what you sell and where to click for details the moment they land on your website. They want that information in plain English with lots of short paragraphs and bulleted lists. And they want facts and product features, not vague lists of the benefits of buying from your business.

You probably won't get a lot of inquiries for your environmental testing laboratory if your home page states your philosophy of doing business and your services page makes claims for the reliability of your results - but never talks about the type of testing services you offer.

5 - Making it difficult to place an order or check out from a web store.

You'd think that online merchants would make shopping as easy as possible. Unfortunately, many don't. "Buy Now" and Checkout buttons are often difficult to find. Customers are often asked to register and divulge personal information before then can place a single item in their shopping cart. And the order and confirmation process is sometimes long and confusing. Topping off all those problems, some merchants don't provide phone numbers customers can use if they prefer to call in an order instead of typing it in online.

As a result, shopping cart abandonment rates are high and conversion rates are low. According to a survey by Internet Retailer, two-thirds of all websites have shopping cart abandonment rates higher than 30%, and one third have abandonment rates higher then 50 percent.

To identify and fix problems in your shopping cart, try this exercise: if you accept incoming phone orders, take them yourself for a few hours. Type all called-in orders into your online shopping cart. Make a note of everything in the ordering and checkout process that annoys you or slows you down. When you're done, send your list of annoyances to your programmer and have her fix the problems and bottlenecks.

6 -Not getting permission to contact web visitors again.

Conversion rates vary by website and product, but on the average, only about 2 percent of visitors to a web site make a purchase. In other words, roughly 98% of the visitors to your site don't buy during their visit. A handful may bookmark your site so they can find it again in the future, but most of the people who leave will simply forget about your site.

Fortunately there's something you can do about that sad statistic: Give the visitor a reason to leave you their email address and other contact information before they leave your website.

What kind of reason? There are many. Among them: offer a free newsletter; ask customers to sign up to be notified about special offers; offer a free, downloadable white paper about a subject related to your prospects needs; or even offer a free mini-course. When you deliver the newsletter or other material you offered, you get additional opportunities to market products to interested prospects - prospects who otherwise may never have returned to your site.

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Blog Posting With Original Content Written By The Webmaster - Website Promotion

Quite often, you get to hear debates or read forum posts on the pros and cons of blog posting with original content. For the purpose of this article, reference is to original content actually written by the webmaster as opposed to content contracted out to be written for the webmasters' sole use.

Those in favor of blog posting wholly featuring the webmaster's original content, marshal the following points:

The webmaster has an innate satisfaction that virtually all the blog posts on his blog are written by him. The visitors to the webmaster's blog can genuinely relate with him based on the content of his posts since he is the author and so the visitors can ask necessary questions and receive realistic answers, which may be impracticable if he was not the author.

The search engines, especially Google will naturally be more pleased with such a blog and arguably will lead to increased Page Rank and/or higher position on the search engine results page (SERPs) for such blogs.

If the quality of the blog posts is quite high, it is likely that it will serve as link baits with the potential of generating self-replicating backlinks and ultimately again, increase PR and SERPs of the webmaster's blog/site, since such content is unlikely to be very rampant in the blogoshere (at least at the outset) unlike duplicate content used as blog posts which may have spanned multiple generations in duplication.

The arguments against solely using original content written by the webmaster as blog posts include the following:

It may be impracticable for the webmaster to keep up with the task of writing enough blog posts to give his site good rankings with the search engines and also provide enough content to satisfy the need of his visitors.

There is no verifiable evidence confirming a positive correlation between using original content solely written by the webmaster on his site/blog and PageRank and search engine results page (SERPs) position. So also, there is no verifiable evidence of any negative correlation between using duplicate content on a site/blog and the site's PageRank and search engine results page (SERPs) position.

How do you distinct between original content written by the webmaster himself and that written for him by freelancers solely for his own use (assuming it has not been circulated to other webmasters/sites)?Since this distinction may be difficult, such original content might as well pass as original content under whatever coloration.

How do webmasters who are not naturally gifted in the art of writing to cope with maintaining blogs with its numerous advantages?

What of company blogs where you cannot identify any particular individual with the sole ownership of the company or where ownership is in fact divorced from management? Who will be expected to write articles/blog posts for such entities?

What is my position on blog posting with original content written by the webmaster?

I have never felt comfortable with the idea of having blog posts written by others, for my blog. In fact, amongst the entire blog posts you will find on my site, only three are guest posts and i have since resolved not to feature any more guest posts on my blog (at least that is my thought for now). I have also never contracted out article writing but have till date written all my articles posted either on my blog or on article directories, myself.

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How to Write Kickass Blog Post Titles - Web 2.0 - Blogs

Titles are the most important part of a blog post. A posts title is the first thing that a person notices. It is also the first thing that a person who comes across your blog post in a social bookmarking site or Twitter or in the Search Engine Results sees.

So it is very important to have a killer blog title to catch the persons attention and make him read the full post. We really do not want our visitor to just look at our posts title find it uninteresting and just ignore our post. Do we?How will a good title for our Blog Posts Help?

Many of you may ask the above question, how will having a good title help? After all they are only few words arent they?

Actually yes, they are a few words which may appear insignificant to you since you maybe writing a 1000 word post but rather these words are very very significant.

I would in fact say that the few words that you write in your posts titles are the most important words of your whole Post. Why? Simply because for most of your readers the decision to read or not to the read the rest of the blog post resides on these few words.

You may note the fact that a blog posts title is the first thing that appears in search engines, social bookmarking sites, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds so this are the first thing that a reader reads. As we all know that First Impression is the Last Impression and if your Posts title is not Magnetic enough then the reader will not bother to read the rest of the post.

Thus the main reason behind having a killer/kickass blog title is To Capture the readers attention and compel him to read the post.

Also having a good blog post title enriched with keywords can help you get a better search result ranking for your long tail keywords in search engines since nowadays the search engines give more priority to the title tag then any other tags.

How to Make Killer Post Titles?

Ok! I think now you have understood why to have a kickass post title. Now lets discuss the main part : How to Write a Killer Post Title?

1) Be Descriptive and Direct:

This is the simplest trick of them all. Be Descriptive and direct about what you have written. Nobody will come to read your post if you have not properly described What topic you have written about in the title. For example, If you have written about a trick to earn 10$ from a site and you give a title Learn How to Earn a Lot of Money from ZZZZ site. The reader will feel deceived and will never come back to your site. Just write it Direct Learn How to Earn 10$ from ZZZZ site. If the reader is interested he/she will read it. If not, you will still save yourself from making a negative impact on someone.

2) Keep it Short

Yes, Keep your title short. Why?

Search Engines Like Google only display 64 character (including spaces) in their search results so If you have a long title like How to make a lot of Extra Money from Freelancing Sites by Writing Articles | Netchunks then only half of it will be displayed. Some what like How to make a lot Extra Money From Freelancing Site By.. By! By What? People will not understand your title and thus will not read the rest of the article .People tend to get attracted to a shorter title rather than a lengthy boring title (Actually they may think, If the title is so long and boring, How lengthy and boring the article maybe!!)Keep it short so that it can be easily shared in Social media sites like Twitter and Identi.ca. Since this sites have only a 140 characters limit, you should actually keep it as short as possible so that it can be retweeed or re-shared3) Use Powerful and Bold Words

Not every word can evoke the same feeling from a reader. Sometimes some words can evoke more powerful or intense emotions in your readers. Inclusion of these kind of words in the blog title can urge your reader to read the full post

These words are also called trigger words because these words trigger an emotion in a readers mind. Some examples of trigger words are:

KillerThrillingAmazingStunningSecretsFreeThere are many more and it is hard to list them down. You can find some more of these Trigger Words at CopyBlogger.

By using these power words, you can explain what you mean to show in the post more powerfully to the people.

4) Communicate Benefits

To make people read the post, you will have to show them what they will get back after reading it. This can be aptly done by showing the benefits in the title. For this you have understand what are the needs of the people you are targeting. Example, A title stating How to Write an Ebook may sound exciting to people who want to know about writing ebooks and he may read it. But it will not evoke responses from all people, some may ignore it since they may not be interested in it. The magic works only on people you are targeting, i.e. in this case, people wanting to write ebooks.

5) Ask Questions

Ok! This is a great way of sparking great debates and discussions. When you use Questions as the title of the post, most readers already think of the answers in their mind and then read the post to confirm it if they were right. If they were right, then it validates their own knowledge and if they were wrong then they still will comment and will try to explain to you in details why YOU ARE wrong and will try to prove that you are the greatest moron. Thus it will spark of a debate and discussion. By asking question you will pull the reader to comment on your post.

7) Personalize the Title

It will certainly help if you can personalize the title and create titles which make people feel that they are somehow connected with the post and the post has been written for them to read. For Example, 10 Ways to Make Your Blog Better, this will certainly appeal to the mind of the people since you are using the word Your which people will find is directed towards each of them

Also another way of personalizing a title is by writing about yourself. Share some personal stories within the title. For e.g Why My Links are not Do Follow? or How I became a Successful Blogger Overnight.

8 ) Create Controversies

If Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities can create controversies for the publicity of their film then why cant you too. Yes! People are interested a lot in controversies and the controversy Magic may work for popularizing your blog post too. You should sometimes write controversial headlines for your articles but be sure that you have enough to back it up through your Blog Post contents and comments. Also the post must reflect the title and not something else. You must be also be ready to answer the different types of comments and questions that you will be getting from people in your post.

9) Use Creativity

You will need to make all your dead brain cells alive again so that you can come up with a very creative title such that it can make more and more people read the post. You must use your imagination and your creativity to come up with effective headlines for your articles.

10) Make Claims and Promises

Many times a title in which you have made a lot of claims and promises can help you attract a lot of people. This type of claims and promises will make even people without a real interest in your topic to read the post.

But you should be highly cautious while writing these kind of posts.Do not try to make any false claims. Be truthful, otherwise if you cannot back your claims with your post content then you will have a bad image among your readers.

11) Avoid Using Very Tough Words

Do not use very very tough jargon that only you can understand. You should go with the policy K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple and Sweet). Although it is not that you have to use very simple words, you can use some creative words but do not be extra creative using words that only very highly intellectual people can understand.

For E.g: If your title is How to Increase your noesis by reading Ebooks Nobody will understand it.

(Damn! noesis mean knowledge, now which sane person will understand that word means knowledge.)

12) Use Lists:

Lists posts are extremely attractive to lot of readers that is why we can see that in social media sites like Digg, Delicious etc most of the popular posts are list posts. Check out these examples: 100 Best WordPress Themes or 25 Best Books For WordPress Bloggers These also make excellent link bait for others bloggers to link to and tweet about.

13) Use Keywords

The usage of keywords in the post title is very important from a Search Engine Optimization point of view. All of us want our post to rank high for the particular topic or keyword we have targeted. Thus it is essential to add the keyword in the title to get a better rank in Search Engine Results. Also I have mentioned it before too, Google nowadays takes title tag as an important factor when ranking pages. So if your title tag is optimized with keywords you will certainly rank in the top results of Google and gain a good traffic from long tail keywords.

Choosing of the keyword that you are going to target is also very important since many keyword may not go along with the post title. You have to come up with a keyword that gels inside the title.

Also some times, many people tend to scan posts in their RSS readers for keywords they are interested in For e.g. Google, iPhone etc. Thus if you have added keyword like iPhone in the post title and they come across the post they are most certainly to read it.

A good tip when adding keywords to title is to add it more to the front then to the last as it has better effect on your SERPs.


I hope you got a brief idea of how to write an attractive and magnetic post title. Here are some other small points that are really not that important but you may still want to consider:

Write your Posts Title After writing the post: It is a good idea in the sense you have already written the full post and know about what topic you have written. But in many situations this method may not work.

Avoid Using Period In the Posts Title: It really is impromptu to see periods in post title

I would recommend that you should combine SEO and Creativity 50-50 while coming up with a post title so that it gives you good result in the search engines as well as attracts more readers.

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