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Three out of five consumers start a purchase process with an Internet search according to the recent Complete Online Shopper Intelligence Study. If you do not have an Internet presence you will miss the opportunity to sell to 60% of your market! However, just being there is not enough. There are over 117 million websites today. How are your customers going to find you?

Keywords. Otherwise known as Personal Branding on the Internet. Think about it. When you want to find something on the Internet you open your favorite browser Firefox, Safari, Explorer, or Chrome and do a search. How do you begin your search? You think of some key words that will help the search engine find what you are looking for. The more specific you are the better the results. If I am looking for a chiropractor and type the word chiropractor, most search engines will figure out the location of the search origin and place three advertisements at the top of the search results for chiropractors in my area. Then come the definitions followed by the Local business results with a map. This is followed by videos and finally chiropractic organizations and a few local chiropractors.

However, I would more likely type in chiropractor my_city my_state. This changes everything. The search engine no longer is trying to guess where I am located. It now knows. Now, search results 3 and beyond in my case are actual chiropractors in my city.

When choosing keywords for your product or service keep these things in mind:

1. You must get on the first or second page of the search results. Studies show very few people look beyond the search results of page two.2. Shorter key words or key word phrases are searched for more often.3. Although single word key words are the best chiropractor you will face enormous competition when choosing keywords too generic and common.

Now, lets apply this to our Blog Marketing campaign. When choosing keywords, try these Three Keys:

1. Come up with a list of 3 to 5 key words that describe your product or service. In our example we may choose: chiropractor, chiropractic, pain relief, and spinal care. Notice a few of these are phrases, not single words.

2. Add to your list things that clearly differentiate you from others. In this case we could choose San Jose, California and Fibromyalgia.

3. Post this list of key words and phrases on the wall where you can see it when you write your blogs and articles. Use these words often and in each blog. This will help the search engines identify you as relevant to the search performed and help get you listed in the first two pages of search results.

Do you have other tips for creating key words that get results? Wed love to hear from you.

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