Herbal Remedies for Male Sexual Impotence - Health - Alternative Medicine

Impotence, best known as erectile dysfunction is a commonly found disorder in men occurring due to psychological and physical reasons. Reduced blood circulation, low level of testosterone and health disorders like parkinson's disease are some of the main physical causes for the formation of impotence. High stress condition, depression and anxiety are some of the main reported psychological causes for the formation of male sexual impotence. Today, there are lots of herbal remedies available in market for curing male sexual impotence. Usage of these herb extracts maintains longer erection, heightens, testosterone level, enhances sperm count and increase sexual desire. Now, let's see in detail some of the herbal remedies required for curing male sexual impotence.

Horny goat weed is an important herbal remedy used for the treatment of male sexual impotence. Patients with impotence are recommended to intake horny goat weed pills twice per day for attaining good results. This powerful aphrodisiac is also known in the names of epimedium, barrenwort, bishop's hat and fairy wings. Consuming horny goat weed helps in getting better erections and increasing blood circulation. Damiana is a common herbal remedy suggested for curing male sexual impotence. It has been used for centuries for the production of ayurvedic medicines. Preventing erectile dysfunction, stabilizing mood, boosting energy, suppressing depression and high stress condition are key benefits of using damiana for the treatment of male impotence.

Saw palmetto is a widely recommended herbal remedy for the treatment of male sexual sexual impotence. It is a perfect cure prescribed for increasing sperm production and sex desire in men. Intake of saw palmetto also helps in enhancing fertility and strengthening reproductive organ problems. Gingko biloba is another natural cure suggested for male impotence problem. Consuming gingko biloba extract improves sensitivity and boosts health and stamina of the person. Improving memory power, enhancing blood circulation, reducing hypertension, reducing anxiety, curing erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems are main benefits of using gingko biloba extract. Patients with impotence are often recommended to intake gingko biloba mixed with panax ginseng for attaining good results.

Muira puama, one among the best aphrodisiacs is a common cure used for the treatment of male impotence. It helps in better stimulation of nerve cells there by enhancing libido and preventing erectile dysfunction. Increasing blood flow to pelvic area, managing stress, activating nervous system and curing infertility are main benefits of using muira puama. Intake of fo-ti is a widely recommended herbal remedy for male sexual impotence. Today, fo- ti is easily available in market in the form of root powder, capsules, tablets, sliced roots and as tinctures. It helps in boosting energy, strengthening blood circulation and in reducing high blood pressure. Panax ginseng is one among the main herbal remedies used for curing male sexual impotence.

Intake of panax ginseng extract for two to three months reduces fatigue, enhance sexual function and increase sperm motility and count. Extracts of ashwagandha, garlic, maca, false unicorn, tribulus terrestris and pygeum are other best recommended herbal remedies for male sexual impotence.

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