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Most people all over the world have used exercises to improve their eyesight. However, this is not the case because these exercises are not meant to strengthen the muscles, but to relax them.

Blurred eyesight like myopia shows that tensed muscles cause the eye to became different from its usual spherical shape. When these muscles elongate they cause myopia, but when they flatten the cause hyperopia. So when doing this eye exercises one tries to bring the eye to its normal spherical shape. As this relaxation continues over and over again your eyesight tends to improve.

Three relaxing eye exercises that improve eyesight

The first step in the eye exercise is done by standing with your feet about one meter apart. Then, let your hands rest on your side, relax your shoulders, jaws and facial muscles then look forward. While doing this twist your upper part of the body on the left letting your eyes and head turn to the left. After this, rotate your body to the right again making your eyes sweep through all the objects in the room towards the right. For you to know that there is sufficient relaxation of the eyes, you will notice that you se the objects clearly as you run your eyes around the room. This shows your eyesight is greatly improving.

Another exercise and a simple one is palming. For you to do this, sit on a chair and place your elbows on the table with your palms covering your eyes. When doing this, try to block light from getting into your eyes. Allow your eyes to experience darkness and with time you will notice that you are expelling tension from your eyes. If you do this for ten minutes or so, you will find your eyes relaxed.

Lastly, you can do sunning. Just as the name suggests the method has all to do with light. You simply relax outdoors on a sunny day. Gently close your eyelids and became aware of the brightness and warmth of the light. Then rotate your head so that one eye first enjoys light and warmth. Do the same to the other eye. During sunning you should feel the tension draining from your eyes and you will experience improved eyesight as soon as you open your eyes. Use these exercises as often as possible to be able to get the best results. You can combine the use of these exercises to be able to get the best results.

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