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Electrical appliances have one major consideration before anyone buys them, i.e. safety from accidental misbehaviour of the appliance itself. In other words, the buyers must be reassured that the appliance has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that all its vital components are functioning as intended. One sure way to reassure your buyers is to stick PAT testing labels on all the electrical appliances checking out of your stores.It's not as if the simple act of sticking PAT labels is enough to convince the safety and integrity of the electric appliance. You need to undertake successful requisite testing of the appliances in order to showcase the testing results on the PAT testing labels.For the uninitiated, Portable Appliance Testing or PAT labels carry the results of vital tests conducted on the appliance by an authorized testing agency. The results are in the form of 'Pass', 'Fail', or 'Visually Inspected'. There may be other depictions of results but these are most co mmon signifying respectively, having passed the tests, failed the tests, and only visual and no technical tests were carried out on the appliance.The testing and display of results of these tests has the legislative backing in the form of Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, the Electricity at Work Act of 1989, followed by the Code of regulations applicable to electrical safety of appliances, machines, components, and tools evolved by the Institution of Electrical Engineers. Resultantly, all electrical devices manufactured, sold, imported, or installed in the UK should undergo prescribed testing. In this regard, PAT labels facilitate the communication of these test results to the prospective and end buyers.The commonality of these PAT testing labels may give the feeling of monotony. However, you can always personalize these labels to give them a look that these are specially designed for your appliance. Colour personalization is one of the most common forms of differentiat ing PAT labels for different appliances or companies. In this regard, blue and green colours are usually preferred over others because of their easy recognition and significance. The 'Green' colour is usually associated with 'approved' and 'go ahead'. Therefore, the passed appliances are usually stuck the green PAT label. However, it is entirely the discretion of the owner as to what colour of label he wants to stick on which kinds of appliances.It won't be out of place to mention a word or two about the kinds of tests carried out before sticking PAT labels on the appliances. These tests generally relate to the operational efficacy and safety of the appliance in relevance to its overall circuitry and internal & external cabling, in addition to checking its adaptability to the environment in which it'll mostly operate.The labels, according to the test results, are stuck on the surface of the appliance and on the power cable. These may be separate PAT labels confirming the tes ting results of different nature. In addition to test results, these labels may carry some other useful information, like date of the most recent test, date of the next scheduled test, name and contact address of testing agency, etc. This information may also be encrypted in the barcode, which can be read with the use of a sensing device.The variations in PAT testing labels can be in the form of different shapes and materials used in their manufacture. Just a few years back, no one could even think that a nondescript PAT testing label on the swanky electrical appliance could have varieties and options to choose from. However, with the advancement in technology, it's now possible to have different kinds of PAT labels. What's more? You can even have laminated PAT labels for appliances that are meant to operate under conditions that demand higher degree of handling. It's not as if the original material used in their manufacture is of any inferior quality. Rather, it's meant to endure the usual wear and tear common with any appliance. It's only in extreme situation that laminated ones will be needed.The use of pat test labels is widespread, in particular, pat test stickers provide reassurance over the safety of electrical devices.Cable PAT labels are also significant in that they vouch for the safety of the cables used in the appliance. The significance of cable PAT labels is more in the devices that have multiple cable-types in its system so that the safety of each cable is verified and tested under industry standard testing procedures. Cable wrap PATs can also be in different colours in order to make the process simpler and user-friendly.

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